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> perhaps we even have some fabrics that could be affixed
> somehow. or a heat-resistant foam that could be sprayed
> into the damaged area.

They already use foam.
They cannot predict everything.
They cannot fix everything until they know it's broke.
They cannot avoid everything.
Sometimes people die.

Look at medicine. Animals are used for testing, but when they presume a
relatively low-risk for human testing, they go for it. Still people die.
They can't fix your Aspergers, they can't fix cancer, they can't fix a
cold. Technology is as far behind as it is ahead.

It's a lot easier to say they should have done this or they shouldn't
have done that. Hindsight is great, ain't it? And especially from a
bunch of guys who don't know what they are talking about. No offense,
but to presume anyone here has more than a passing knowledge of the
internal decision making process is bollocks. Even the one guy's
professor is merely speculating. We don't know, and with each Oops! that
happens, something is fixed. Things get better, faster, safer. How long
after Challenger did it take to say 'We're ready again?'

Now if it was truly a matter of someone knowingly screwing up, then the
matter will be dealt with. In that case ONLY, would I support
retribution of some sort.

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