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> do3 at (Dan Osterrath) wrote:
> > 1. There were no space suits at all at the Columbia.
> Criminally stupid. If I was a member of the astronauts family, I'd
><snip the details pointing to a completely inadequate risk assessment
being carried out>
> > 7. As there were no space suits and no material for repairing the
> > at the shuttle trying to land was the only possible solution.
> Interesting about the 'glue' problem. I wonder why they dont come up
> with something that can set in a vacuum? its not like we cant test
> compounds in a vacuum down here on earth...

Maybe instead of suing NASA/whoever (suing's done by everyone now) the
astronaut's families should put some of the NASA officials in the vacuum
along with the adhesive compound that you want to test.  Cut them up
into little pieces and say "oh well, it might not work but we'll cut
them up anyway".  Too bad that nowadays the punishment never fits the
crime eh? (but that's a completely different topic altogether).


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