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> > 1. There were no space suits at all at the Columbia.
> Criminally stupid. If I was a member of the astronauts 
> family, I'd sue.

It costs 1 million dollars to make each space suit.  They
are hand sewn for each astronaut.  It also cost millions
to train each one before their first space flight.  I doubt
NASA let anyone go up without a contract that removes NASA
from any liability.  I do feel that it is very tragic what
happened.  Though, I think the families and friends as well
as the astronauts knew the risks.  We have not been in
space for very long, and we are still in an exploratory phase.
There is much, much more to learn.  Death, although tragic is
sometimes part of exploration.  Think of how many men died when
they set sail to explore new worlds way back when.  Think how
many men died trying to learn how to fly.  Think how many people
died to just try and climb up Mt. Everest (and people still die).
I can't remember who said this but it goes something like, some
climber was asked why he went up on Everest to die and he said, I
didn't go up there to die, I went up there to live.  That is what
exploration is all about, risks and all.

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