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do3 at (Dan Osterrath) wrote:

> 1. There were no space suits at all at the Columbia.

Criminally stupid. If I was a member of the astronauts family, I'd sue.

> 2. There was no docking module at the Columbia.
> 3. There was no air lock at the Columbia.

One or the other of those is criminally stupid.

> 4. The Columbia had a speed of Mach 6 so an escape through the rescue
> door or a "shoot away" via the rescue seats would be no real solution.

Mach 6 relative to /what/ ?

And as the shuttle was doing mach 18.3 when it broke up, surely it was
going near to that speed in orbit? (yes, I know smaller orbits are

> ;-) 5. The Columbia had a angle of 20° relative to the declination.
> The ISS has about 50°. The fuel of the shuttle is estimated for small
> corrections and could change the angle for a mxaimum of 3°. Not to
> mention the different height of Columbia and ISS.

Unfortunate. skimping on fuel. typical.

For the cost of a small (relatively) amount of fuel, the lives of 7
astronauts and a very expensive vehicle were lost. I wonder how much
more the shuttle was worth than the fuel?

> 7. As there were no space suits and no material for repairing the wing
> at the shuttle trying to land was the only possible solution.

Interesting about the 'glue' problem. I wonder why they dont come up
with something that can set in a vacuum? its not like we cant test
compounds in a vacuum down here on earth...
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