Space shuttle

Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at
Wed Feb 5 09:20:24 PST 2003

Alan Grimes wrote:

> fixture on the shuttle and it was probably too heavy to be captured by
1. The shuttle didn't have fuel enough to get to the station;
1.1. It's (shuttle) orbit was a lot lower;
1.2. The orbits didn't match;
2. The weight doens't matter;
2.1. If it had fuel to get to the station, it would also have fuel to brake;
2.2. The arm could then easly put it in a safe position for the astronauts 
to "jump" over;
(2.2.1. And the arm could also be used to take the empty suits from the 
station to the shuttle so everyone could get to the station )

> If they could have jetisoned the lab module, they would probably have
> survived reentry as the stress on the thing would be that much less.

Again, weight is not the problem.
The problem is the speed.
They only have fuel to brake enough for the gravity to pull them down. To 
decrease the speed they use the atmospheric friccion <- There's the problem.

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