Space shuttle

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at
Wed Feb 5 07:06:07 PST 2003

Dan Osterrath <do3 at> wrote:

>I think 2 are standard. Have a look at the Columbia Shuttle page at 
> I've seen there a round trip tour made with Java applets where 
>you can make a virtual trip through the Columbia. And there are 2 suits 
>shown, AFAICR.

Well, I looked for a bit, but the only reference that I could find to a shuttle tour was for Columbia STS-90, not STS-107. No matter, I'll take your word for it. 

Even with two EVA suits, it probably would have been too risky to perform an EVA, since none aboard had trained in EVA suits for the mission, but had probably trained in running experiments instead. Maybe the pilot and commander, but I doubt that any of the specialists were trained in EVA.


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