Quake3 reminder

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Wed Feb 5 06:01:55 PST 2003

On 05 Feb 2003 14:52:01 +0100
d95-bli at nada.kth.se (Björn Lindberg) wrote:

> My free nights are tuesdays and thursdays, so those are best for me. I
> could probably attend on fridays from time to time, but often I'm not
> at home on friday evenings.

even as late as 22:00 ? (or /especially/ ;-)   )

> Thanks for last night, it was a lot of fun. :-)

You're welcome.

> I have to say I like
> the first map we played best,

Nice map, isnt it?

> perhaps we could schedule more
> than one time per week, and we would get a moderate number of people
> each time?

Maybe. Pings were getting a bit high last time, but I dont know WHY - I
dont think we were taxing the (DSL) modem.

BTW. Can I remind people, please DONT download from the webserver whilst
games are running.
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