Space shuttle

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at
Wed Feb 5 05:54:25 PST 2003

Dan Osterrath <do3 at> wrote:

> For this actions they have (but only 2) spacewalk 
>suits. Don't ask me, why only 2. I bet for economical reasons. The nasa 
>probably never imagined that the whole crew has to escape into space at 
>give up the shuttle.

I'm not even sure that they had any EVA suits. I know for a fact that the robotic arm was not installed for this mission, to reduce the unneccessary mass (i.e. to enable a higher payload mass). It could be that they didn't pack any EVA suits either, also to reduce unnecessary mass. 

It the end it came down to : "Suck it and see..."  

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