Space shuttle

Wouter Van Hemel wouter at
Wed Feb 5 04:23:02 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Dan Osterrath wrote:

> > So take turns.
> I think the suits are specially designed to fit an astronauts body. I THINK!
> >>And there were no other vehicle reachable for the Columbia.
> > So I assume - but how close could they have gotten to another vehicle?
> > can the arm 'throw' an astronaut? how far wiull the thrusters carry
> > them?
> Well, you can imagine that they calculate the fuel tanks as short as
> possible as this will decrease the shuttles weight. And the thrusters
> are only designed to correct the position and rotation in space not to
> travel around. So I don't think, that this would be possible. Again I THINK!

So, by being overly cheap with the budget, they (1) left the astronauts
without any tools or ways to escape, (2) too little fuel, (3) even no
spacesuits for all of them, (4) no second spaceship to pick them up.

So they actually guaranteed that if _something_ went wrong, everybody
on board would die.

You've got to be courageous beyond sanity to go up under these horrible
circumstances... :(

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