Quake3 match report...

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Tue Feb 4 18:27:15 PST 2003


Well... That was fun.

Aside from some sporadic REALLY lousy ping, a great game.

devine has really improved, and is on a par with djnauls, IMO. Ikari is
still crippled by his modem.

A good show of newbies, too - not just cannon fodder, but some real
promise shown, I think.

The mvdm01 level seems to be quite popular, and mkspacedm3 is
challenging to everyone. stei4_cold is its usual
bastard_fall_off_the_damn_thing self ;-)

A fun game of CTF was had after most of the other players had gone. we
can play CTF more often if people like - but we'll need some decent

Theres some snapshots up too from our final couple of rounds. quite fun.

Take a look. The pages have moved to http://www.mnementh.co.uk/quake3/
and the pics are linked from there.


1) Does anyone want to recommend some more fun levels (some non-space
would be nice)
2) The next game is *this* friday at 22:00 GMT
3) Would anyone like to do some art for the web pages? (a nice draconic
look if anyones interested).
4) Take a look at our match pics on the site.
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