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Tue Feb 4 04:27:55 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 20:47:32 -0000
> "Matthew Burgess" <ca9mbu at> wrote:
>> Nice to see someone's appreciated for their efforts!  All I get in
>> general is a pat on the back and a "thanks very much Matt, I owe you
>> one".  One what, is what I'm asking myself, whatever it is I'm not
>> getting it - but then I help out because I can, not because I expect
>> anything in return (although a couple of pints would be nice).
> Ditto. People do rather take help with PCs for granted these days...

Very true indeed.

Two years ago I build a computer for a friend of mine REALLY cheaply. He 
wanted to be able to e-mail and to visit a couple of webpages (2 to be 
exact). So I gobbled togther some old stuff, you know an old 486, old 14" 
monitor stuff like that. The only thing he had to pay for: a ISA modem (5$) 
and a mouse (5$).

Two month ago the computer 'broke' (suddenly some dll's and other stuff were 
gone). And he has been bugging me since about when I would come over to 
pick up the computer to repair it! Yesterday he was bugging me again, and I 
told him that the very least he could do was to ask nicely and to bring the 
computer to me. Two hours later ding-dong, the door bell rang ......

First question: "How long will the repair take?"

Maybe I'll just install LFS with ppp, gpm, pine and lynx :-)

Johan Veenstra
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