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Rainer Peter Feller rainer at
Tue Feb 4 04:08:01 PST 2003

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Alan Grimes wrote:

> Linux has followed a very unique development process in that it was not
> an act of sentient design but rather an evolution driven by people with
> very incomplete knowlege of the whole who enter in and fix small things,
> add drivers and such. Major design revisions and *cough* improvments on
> the overall design are all but impossible due to the vast and highly
> interconnected library of legacy software.

So this shows me that you probably NEVER had real intrest in linux, becaus
there were, are and will be "Major design revisions and improvments on the
overall design"
Modules, devfs, userspace driver, i2c ...

> [...] Today these are embodied in the C language which
> arose in the '70s and was incorporated into the design of unix, which
> had previously been written in assembly, in 1983. C has been a workhorse
> language for decades though today its features are weak and obsolescant.

So this shows me that you probably don't know much of C either.
There is NOTHING you couldn't do with C (except overload default
functiones and operators, which is not needet!), but if you prefer pascal,
you could use this also.
Its features are only limited by the programmer!

> That was a tacit admission in the orrigional posting.. I guess so few
> people actually read these postings that I shouldn't worry about people
> reading _IN_ to these postings...

I've red the whole story and I DON'T LIKE IT,
- you come here : nice
- you said you hate linux : ok I know many who hate linux
- you said you want to give LFS a try : this is just what many people are

since LFS is more a (well working) concept than a disto there is obviously
something to tell/read before you could start.

> > he'd realize he'd better shut up and learn to like it.  ;)

you don't have to like linux, just accept, or make it better.

> That would be a big mistake. I should not like it because I don't like
> it. If me, or anyone, is to have any chance at all of ever seeing
> something that we won't have to "learn to like" we must not hide our
> dissatisfaction at all.. Infact, we should use our dissatisfaction to
> drive us to insist on better software and even work for it, to the
> extent we are able.

Have you ever tryed this with M$?

"And now shut up and learn, if you have learnd something you might come
back to complain."

Just ask your questions and hope that someone is still willing to support

CUH Rainer Peter Feller

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