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Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Mon Feb 3 15:32:33 PST 2003

Ian Molton <spyro at> writes:

> > > Ditto. People do rather take help with PCs for granted these days...
> > 
> > I second that. What has really started to annoy me is when I get into
> > situations when I'm acting as Windows support personnel for friends
> > etc.
> Which can be bloody annoying at times. 'how am I supposed to know that?
> I havent used windows in 5 years?!'.

Exactly. I've noticed my Windoze knowledge has become a bit rusty.
> > I haven't even been using Windows myself for a long time, so it's
> > more my general computer knowledge I'm using. Anyway, I have promised
> > myself to limit myself to free Linux support from now on, even if it
> > concerns friends.
> Good luck. Its not as easy as it sounds. They know I dont 'do' windows -
> but they know I have way more 'general computer knowledge' than the guy
> in Dixons...

Very true. Often I'm the guy most likely to be able to help them
anyway, and it's sometimes hard to say no to friends. But this time,
really... I'll offer to help them install Linux instead, nothing
else. :-)


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