LFS on PII 233 with no fan in heatsink

Justin Knierim jrknierim at jrknierim.com
Mon Feb 3 12:40:03 PST 2003

> On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Florian teply wrote:
> > I myself wouldn´t say these Processors don´t need fans. 
> It´s all about 
> > the way of cooling the CPU. You should take a look inside the case 
> > (the Dell one) and you´ll see that the heatsink of the 
> processor gets 
> > an airblow from the power supply. So you shouldn´t break 
> this cooling 
> > system up by placing board an Processor into another case without 
> > adding a fan. I just grilled some Pentium 75 this way...
> >
> > HTH Florian


Thanks for the advice.  I did need to change the case, but the power
supply did not really cool much.  I think there should be another piece
to it, since there are places to mount something onto the bottom.
Anyways, I compiled all of LVS 2003-01-30 already, and no problems.  So,
thanks for all the advice.  And actually, the 233 Mhz was really fast,
either that or I am used to building LVS's on my 133Mhz P1  ;)

Thanks again for all the advice everyone.

 Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

 Justin Knierim

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