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Mon Feb 3 12:47:32 PST 2003

"James Iwanek" <chthon at> wrote in message
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> for anyone doing general pc maintanence in the uk: move to
> stratford-upon-avon - the locals pay really well!
> for just 10mins of work i was given a lexmark X63 multifunction system
> it does fax, copy and scanning: all work perfectly if you happen to
have a
> color ink cartridge; any offers? (hint hint) ;-)

Nice to see someone's appreciated for their efforts!  All I get in
general is a pat on the back and a "thanks very much Matt, I owe you
one".  One what, is what I'm asking myself, whatever it is I'm not
getting it - but then I help out because I can, not because I expect
anything in return (although a couple of pints would be nice).

By the way, Lexmark really sting you for cartridges you could try and
see if Dixons have any "PC Line" branded ones that will fit, they're
generally a fair bit cheaper and will do the job just as well.



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