Just cause

Florian teply onlinefloh at web.de
Mon Feb 3 09:45:59 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:
> Besides, in real terms, us Brits came closer to owning the whole planet
> than any of you lot ;-)
> (PS. I've been married to an American, currently have a Canadian
> partner, and am half german, before anyone accuses me of being overly
> serious here ;-)  )

Bad luck Ian, you´re indeed not related to any french, dutch or spanish 
family, and chinese isn´t your native tonge, so you cannot have been 
closest to owning this little planet...
Oh, i nearly forgot about the useless russian Godfather you need ;-))

I hope nobody cares about me having at least penpals in all these 
countries ... But to confirm my claim to own the whole world, i got very 
close friends at all continents, even on this strange island where this 
strange person came from, who wanted his martini shaken instaed of 
properly stirred. Here in germany, we got an really descriptive word for 
the British: "Inselaffen", which means strictly translated "Monkey from 
an island"...
Hope you don´t mind me saying this, Ian.

Funny greetings from Berlin, capital of the world...

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