Newbie droppin in to say hi

James Iwanek chthon at
Fri May 31 15:27:11 PDT 2002

hear hear - a well informed computer user - an example to the whole comunity
(and i ent being sarcastic) - believe you me you will go far in the industry
mate and you will always be welcome at LFS ;-)

any problems just let us know - iff you have a bug or a problem please read
the faq at first (some of the poeps here get tetchy
if you post about stuff that has been already mentioned in the faq).

once again welcome to LFS ;-)


"Mike Choatie" <stargazer3451 at> wrote in message
news:ad8s0k$oja$1 at
> Howdy all,
> Just wanted to saye hello. I'm in the process of building my first LFS and
> am thoroughly enjoying it. I've been into computers for 2 years now and
> have been playing with linux for about a year. Unfortunately the first
> I built for a linux box was totally incompatable, lesson well learned: do
> your homework. So this year I built a new box for linux and must have
> gotten it right because it absolutely blew win2k away in performance. Now
> I'm trying my hand at LFS. i wiped a 40gig drive that had win2k on it and
> now I only run linux and I love it.
>  Unless your a network administrator there just isn't any challenge in
> windows ( and then the challenge is tryin keep the network  secure and
> avoid infectious pc diseases lol ), and I wanted a challenge. I'm not into
> flaming microsoft, I believe their product has a place in the market, I
> just disapprove of their business practices. Seems therefore that linux is
> a natural for me as I want a challenge plus I believe in what the os
> community stands for.
>   Anyway thats kind of where I stand and I appreciate all on here and the
> linux community as a whole for their help and contributions. If there is
> something a non-linux expert or a non-programmer can do to help I would be
> glad to give something back.
> Oh yeah and i'm new to newsgroups as well so if post something thats not
> kosher please forgive me as it is unintentional.
> --
> Mike Choatie
> Registered linux user #275300

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