I *LOVE* the GNU version of 'date'

Rob 'Feztaa' Park feztaa at shaw.ca
Sat May 25 11:30:58 PDT 2002

Alas! Ian Molton spake thus:
> On Fri, 24 May 2002 22:36:21 -0600
> "Rob 'Feztaa' Park" <feztaa at shaw.ca> wrote:
> > All I know is that "5 minutes ago"
> > is a kickass way to set your clock back 5 minutes.
> funny. I read that and thought 'needless bloat' ;-)

No way. It's such a hassle to have to figure out the exact date and time
of five minutes ago, then type it in. I'd much rather just tell it to go
back 5 minutes.

Computers are all about making the computer work for you, y'know ;)

Rob 'Feztaa' Park
A classic is something that everyone wants to have read
and nobody wants to read.
		-- Mark Twain, "The Disappearance of Literature"
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