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steveb at (Steve Bougerolle) writes:

> On Thu, 23 May 2002 17:31:22 -0600
> "Rob 'Feztaa' Park" <feztaa at> wrote:
> > Alas! Steve Bougerolle spake thus:
> > > My home boxes are named after mythical places
> > ...
> > > Laptop = Olympus
> > 
> > Olympus is an actual mountain... it's not mythical. There just happens
> > to be a bunch of mythical gods that live there. :P
> I KNEW somebody would say that...
> Maybe I should rename it.  Suggestions?

If you want to stay Greek, there's the three levels of Hell:


If you don't mind going Norse again:

  Asgard - Home of the Gods
  Jotunheim - Home of the Giants

And for something altogether different, Celtic (both are different names
for the Otherworld):


And that's just European mythology...

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