can't mount proc in boot

Albert Wagner alwagner at
Thu May 23 17:32:33 PDT 2002

Gerard, you are definitely a wizard.  My script had changed the owner:group 
of the LFS packages to <pkgname>:<pkgtype>.  The /lib/libns* files were all 
owned by glibc:system and /bin/mount by util-linux:system.  Changing 
/bin/mount and /bin/umount back to root:root allowed me to boot and shutdown.
Thank you very much.

But now I am questioning the wisdom of this approach to package management.  
I had excluded shadow and lfs-bootscripts from this process. Now, obviously, 
the mount/umount binaries should be excluded.  

Can you think of any more offhand?  (I know, unfair question)

Thanks again,

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