Wildly off-topic perl discussion

Rob 'Feztaa' Park feztaa at shaw.ca
Mon May 20 10:55:21 PDT 2002

Alas! Stefan Krah spake thus:
> * Rob 'Feztaa' Park <feztaa at shaw.ca> wrote:
> > I've got a 14-digit number (it's a date, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS), how do you
> > guys figure is the best way to split it up into separate variables? (I
> > want a variable for year, month, day, hour, minute, second).
> I throw in the following:
> man perlfunc -> substr
> A small demonstration:
> perl -e '$DATESTRING = "20020510173501"; $year = substr($DATESTRING, 0, 4);
>  $month = substr($DATESTRING, 4, 2); print $year," ",$month,"\n"'

D'oh! I hate coding when I'm not thinking straight. I *knew* about
substr already! Didn't even cross my mind...


Rob 'Feztaa' Park
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