David Jaquay djaquay at
Mon May 20 07:45:21 PDT 2002

Lately, we've gone with Flintstones characters, and have servers fred and 
barney up and running.  In the past, we went with biblical names (noah, job, 
adam, enoch, elijah) or Greek mythology (atlas, cronus, zeus).

When we voted for the current naming scheme (amongst our 5 employees), I 
wanted to use SpongeBob characters, but got voted down :-(.

At home, my boxen are named after family nicknames.  Laptop is poohbear, after 
my son's infant nickname; new box is gator, (my daughter's name is Alissa, 
short is Ali, nicknames are Ali-gator, Ali-cat, Ali-lujah, etc.), old box is 
jazzgirl (after my wife; long boring story there...)


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