new LFS wallpaper

timothy bauscher timothy at
Thu May 16 12:55:27 PDT 2002

Gerard Beekmans spake:

> > with ice in the middle of them :)
> Oh it's ice :) to me it looked like a blurred out penguin image like
> the
> other two. So I was thinking the left one representing a normal
> distro,
> then something happens in the middle (a transformation process where
> wisdom
> is aquired) and the right picture representing people who "found the
> light"
> with LFS.

nope. just frozen wa wa. i modified it a lot.
it came from a small picture of ice, which i
turned into a repeating background and then
made some glass filters on it to make it look
like frozen ground.

i never said i was an artist :)

> Well, there's a theme if I ever heard one. Up to make something like
> that?

da. i am thinkink of a shattered picture of
tux on the left and a clean one on the right,
with a box that says "Linux From Scratch" to
make it look like a filter?

all ideas are welcome.


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