new LFS wallpaper

timothy bauscher timothy at
Thu May 16 12:10:12 PDT 2002

Gerard Beekmans spake:

> > new LFS wallpaper!
> Looks real nice, but I need to ask: is there an explanation to the
> pictures? Is there a story told in the three frames that I just am not
> understanding?

if you are talking about the ones with actual
pictures, then nope. they're just funny penguins
with ice in the middle of them :)

other wallpapers had a star wars motif to them.
darth tux with: "use the source, mook" instead of
"use the force, luke". and the penguin powered ones.

i decided to stop making them after they stopped
getting good reponses. the first one got a lot
of reponse. the others fell silent, so i figured
that no one wanted any more.

either that, or they wanted more purty greenish ones
like the first one. i considered making a puzzle one
and then discovered i lacked the patience. there
really should be a mask or filter for creating a


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