OT: MUD/C (from lfs-support)

Sebastian Edman sebastian at egf.net
Tue May 14 23:44:11 PDT 2002

At 23:18 2002-05-17, you wrote:
>Ok a bit off topic but something I'd like to venture into.  I recently 
>downloaded a copy of the mud
>server ROM 2.6b6 or something like that, not sure on the exact 
>version.  Anyways,  I would like to
>monkey around with the code, write up my own mud basically for personal 
>use and I guess it could be a pretty intensive coding experience and fun 
>and the same time.
>Question:  My C skills are pretty rusty so I'd like to know if anyone 
>knows any C programming resources online, online books, or maybe even 
>programming web pages geared for mud maintainers which might help.
>Thank you,

Maybe this is could be interesting, since many muds is based on mordor.
The source of mordor is quite complex, but very well structured if you know 
the base concepts in the code. I havn't looked much att the combat-code but 
have studied the connections and commands some, and I'll definately use 
parts of it in the mud i'm programming. Which is to be area based instead 
of room based. :)

I found the following very helpful, though the contents is of varying 
quality and relevance, and none of them is a basic C tutorial. But they may 
be of help.


Where can I find a copy of this server ROM 2.6b6?


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