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Jeff linuxmail at comcast.net
Mon May 13 12:08:08 PDT 2002

From: "Felipe Machado Sánchez" <Felipe.Machado at fzi.de>
Therefore it would be easier to find a previous question about a problem.
Now it is not very difficult to find a something related to the problem you
are looking for because the list has started not too much time ago, but soon
it will be harder (at least for me, even now it takes too much time to find
a similar problem in the mailing list).

Perhaps, in a later step, it may be possible to classify the messages by
chapter and section.

There's one problem with that. Chapters numbers are not static. What is
chapter 5 today may be _totally different_ tommorrow. (Especially when/if we
start using the keep_chapters_separate hint.)

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