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Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Mon May 13 01:54:24 PDT 2002

On Mon, 13 May 2002 00:01:05 -0400
timothy bauscher <timothy at> wrote:

> i didn't realize that JPEGs sucked so badly.
> i will use PNG from now on boss.

JPEGs aren't always that bad - it depends on what compression level you
use.  If you set it lower than normal you still get better compression
than PNG with acceptable quality.

Note, though,  that JPEG is designed specifically for photo-like images
with smooth changes between many colours, and not for drawing-type stuff
with only relatively few colours and very sharp colour changes.  So for
some sorts of desktop wallpaper you shouldn't use JPEG at all.

Also, I agree that serious work of any sort shouldn't be saved as JPEG -
just the end product for web pages.

Steve Bougerolle
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