more new LFS wallpapers

timothy bauscher timothy at
Sat May 11 23:53:47 PDT 2002

new LFS wallpapers

the dark side of tux - just in time for
Star Wars - with a dark background, as was
asked for by a list member.

mook: [slang]
 An insignificant or contemptible person.

updated LFS wallpapers

changed the slogan, it was off by 4 pixels :-)

copyright and stuff

obviously, i did not take the penguin photos
myself. i googled them.

darth tux started out as the loveable "light side"
3D penguin before he inverted and reflected
horizontally :-)

<is the opposite of the dark side the light side?>

if you want the PSD files for these, i will be
more than happy to provide them. but some of them
are over 50 MB.

about color depth

you will need a hell of a lot of color depth to
see the swirling vortex (black hole?) on lfsdarth
correctly. i recommend 24.

lfsrules should be fine with 16 or higher,
as it does not have a swirling vortex :-)

i did not compress them because i didn't want
any loss of quality. as a result,
lfsdarth-1600-1200.jpg is 783867 bytes!

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