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Sanctus Evanidus evanidus at
Fri May 10 00:53:57 PDT 2002

timothy bauscher <timothy at> wrote:

> > > *suggestions* for restructuring the
> > > mailing lists:
> >
> > > lfs-announce [perhaps this should be 'announce']
> >
> > Well, iirc, it doesn't announce blfs, hints etc... things (only lfs) -
> > But not sure about this.. correct me if I'm wrong.
> i still think it should be 'announce' though.
> thinking longterm: i don't think blfs should
> have a separate announce list than lfs.

Well, lfs-announce is meant to be a very low-traffic list and people subscribing to it might not be interested in blfs, alfs etc... and consider it as useless spam.

> > > chat (used to be lfs-chat)
> >
> > lfs-chat look cuter than a dull 'chat' (now thats an argument ;)
> the 'lfs' doesn't belong in chat. as Gerard
> said, it has no topic. 'chat' is more
> appropriate.

Well... its a place to chat for lfs people, lfs-chat! (Some more great arguments ;)

> i think blfs-support should be renamed, but

IMHO, 'blfs-support' is fine, I don't really see what's inapropriate about it. (moreover when we think it used to be named lfs-apps a long time ago)

> > > hints [should be made public]
> >
> > In the past I couldn't subscribe to it either but now I can and I am.
> > (And I'm part of the public AFAIK... well I think (can someone confirm
> > this? ;) )
> how can i subscribe? same way, through
> listar?

Yeah the same way as other lists... (it's named 'hints')

But when I think about it, I'm not sure how I subscribed exactly, one day (some months ago) I tried to subscribe and it told me it was a private list.

Some months later, the hints ML was mentioned on LFS IRC - I said that I couldn't subscribe to it back then... I tried again and it told me I was already registred (I received my first message from this list the same day a little after)

I guess I was kindly magicaly added to it or something odd happened. Well, if its not public, I'll have to remember to CC when I post replies in it heh


In any cases, there'd be good reasons to keep the 'hints' ML restricted. People keep sending big textfiles (new hints/updates) in this ML which would increase LFS bandwidth usage if bunch of people were subscribed to it. Also, I believe they want the hints list to be restricted to hints developement and not support. (blfs-support is usualy used for this part) - They could create hints-support and hints-dev to make it clear, but don't you think there's already enough lists? :)

Note: you still can d/l the hints ML archive from LFS FTP. Also, a good way to keep track of what is going on with the hints, is that good ol' CVS

> what other lists are available and not
> mentioned on the website?

Nothing ?LFS related....

Be sure to subscribe to the 'jesus-freaks' ML :) - We'd be 7 now, woo-hoo! (I never got a single message from this list however.. lol)

There's also the 'links-list' ML (links browser mailling list) kindly hosted by LFS

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