restructuring the mailing lists

timothy bauscher timothy at
Fri May 10 00:05:49 PDT 2002

> > *suggestions* for restructuring the
> > mailing lists:
> > lfs-announce [perhaps this should be 'announce']
> Well, iirc, it doesn't announce blfs, hints etc... things (only lfs) -
> But not sure about this.. correct me if I'm wrong.

k. i haven't been around long enough to get
anything from lfs-announce.

i still think it should be 'announce' though.
thinking longterm: i don't think blfs should
have a separate announce list than lfs.

> > lfs-book -> lfs-dev
> Well, lfs-book is almost only getting bugzilla and freshmeat spam. I
> personaly wouldn't want lfs-dev to be polluted with this even if it's
> related.
> Perhaps it should be lfs-book -> lfs-bug eh?

that sounds ok. lfs-book causes confusion.
IMO, lfs-book should be renamed or removed.

> > chat (used to be lfs-chat)
> lfs-chat look cuter than a dull 'chat' (now thats an argument ;)

the 'lfs' doesn't belong in chat. as Gerard
said, it has no topic. 'chat' is more

> > blfs-book -> blfs-dev
> same as for lfs-book/dev

blfs-book causes confusion. IMO, blfs-book
should be renamed or removed.

> > b-lfs-support [instead of blfs-support]
> Doing such a small change would only annoy people ;) - (e.g. redo
> their sorting and possiblity re-subscribe) Doesn't worth it heh.

i don't like that name either, but i couldn't
come up with anything better. blfs-support
is about more than just blfs, it is also
about lfs, and everything beyond beyond lfs :-)

i think blfs-support should be renamed, but
i cannot think of a good name for it,
especially at this time in the morning.

> > hints [should be made public]
> In the past I couldn't subscribe to it either but now I can and I am.
> (And I'm part of the public AFAIK... well I think (can someone confirm
> this? ;) )

how can i subscribe? same way, through

what other lists are available and not
mentioned on the website?

> > testing
> There's 'test-list' that exist. (Or did you mean to 'rename it to?')

we've been talking about creating an lfs-testing
list. i think 'testing' would be more appropriate
if we test blfs too (as i intend to do).


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