restructuring the mailing lists

Sanctus Evanidus evanidus at
Thu May 9 23:38:31 PDT 2002

timothy bauscher <timothy at> wrote:

> *suggestions* for restructuring the
> mailing lists:

> lfs-announce [perhaps this should be 'announce']

Well, iirc, it doesn't announce blfs, hints etc... things (only lfs) - But not sure about this.. correct me if I'm wrong.

So IMO, lfs-announce is kinda fine (at least w/ me)

> lfs-book -> lfs-dev

Well, lfs-book is almost only getting bugzilla and freshmeat spam. I personaly wouldn't want lfs-dev to be polluted with this even if it's related.

Perhaps it should be lfs-book -> lfs-bug eh?

> chat (used to be lfs-chat)

lfs-chat look cuter than a dull 'chat' (now thats an argument ;)

> blfs-book -> blfs-dev

same as for lfs-book/dev

> b-lfs-support [instead of blfs-support]

Doing such a small change would only annoy people ;) - (e.g. redo their sorting and possiblity re-subscribe) Doesn't worth it heh.

> hints [should be made public]

In the past I couldn't subscribe to it either but now I can and I am. (And I'm part of the public AFAIK... well I think (can someone confirm this? ;) )

> testing

There's 'test-list' that exist. (Or did you mean to 'rename it to?')

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