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Thu May 9 09:10:46 PDT 2002

perhaps Gerard Beekmans spake:

> Yes you can use it. Lynx output:
>     LFS Banner 
>    search search [All of LFS______]
>    searching for glibc______

hmm. k, thanks.

> To the left of "All of LFS" you see two search words. The first one is
> a
> JavaScript link that doens't work in Lynx and I don't even know why
> Lynx
> even displays it. The second 'search' is inside <noscript> tags which
> should be displayed by browsers not supporting JavaScript (like lynx).
> Lynx
> should not dislay the javascript code, a bug perhaps?


<a class="link" href="javascript:document.forms[0].submit()">search


<script language="Javascript"><!--
document.write('<a class="link"

> > 4. i think the homepage should display an
> >    introduction instead of the mirrors.
> No, it's done on purpose to get people to pick a mirror site right
> away
> before even reading anything. If not, I doubt many people will even
> consider using a mirror site.

probably true, but i think it is confusing.
the first time i came to it, i thought i was
choosing a place to download the book from.

i like the way displays their

> Send that to the FAQ maintainer please at  sk at


> About the overall redesign: i'm not a graphics artist, I could use
> some
> help. If anybody has ideas go at it and show me something. 

i don't consider myself an artist, but i have
had 4 years experience as a web developer :-)
i might send you some designs later. i suppose
this means i will have to boot my windoze laptop.
grr! photoshop 6 probably doesn't run very well
in WINE :-)


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