timothy bauscher timothy at
Wed May 8 23:52:13 PDT 2002

Gerard mentioned something about a possible
redesign of feel free
to post your ideas on this matter. here are

my opinions

1. i'd like the pages to be W3C validated.
   i don't care about displaying W3C's button,
   but i'd like to see the pages conform to
   their standards.

2. i think the left navigation needs work.
   some of the sections seem out of place to

3. i think the "search" section at the top
   right should have a 'search' button to
   activate the search. right now, i can't
   use it in lynx.

4. i think the homepage should display an
   introduction instead of the mirrors.

5. the copyright date should be updated.

6. the FAQ should include something about
   contributing to LFS development.

overall, i like the current design;
i especially like the banner :-)


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