James Cozine jmcozine at
Tue May 7 10:40:23 PDT 2002

hibbits at (Justin Hibbits) writes:

> Hmm....the card is a Trident card, so we're thinking it may be too old to
> support VESA 2.0 :P  (exact card is....Trident Microsystems TGUI
> 9660/968x/968x (rev d3) )
> Does that help at all?
> Oh, and in my aty128fb system, I have 'vga=793(1280x1024)?' and
> 'append="video=aty128fb:1280x1024 at 61"'
> -Justin

According to a quick Google search, the trident is only VESA 1.2, aka
not supported by the vesafb.  Sorry.

I could be wrong, having never used the card myself, but I doubt that
it'll work.  As for the ATI, not only is it quite different from the
trident (sporting VESA 2.0 and all), it has its own fb module compiled
into the kernel.  (Assuming this is the card you said worked.)

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