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Mon May 6 22:41:22 PDT 2002

hibbits at (Justin Hibbits) writes:

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> > Check the kernel docs (/usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt)
> > 
> > -jc
> Already checked them.  That's why I'm asking here :P
> I'm rather perplexed, cuz I was able to use the same options for another
> system, with a similar card, and it worked.
> Justin

It probably doesn't work because you're setting it twice:

>I've got lilo.conf set up with 'vga=extended'
>in the main part, and 'append="video=vesafb:640x480"'

Set `vga=ask', then when it asks, put a number from the chart in the
doc.  Don't set `append='.  If that works, replace `ask' with the

Of course, I haven't used any of the framebuffer devices other than
vesa, and apparently the other devices use the `video=' switch instead.
If the config file is the same, perhaps the kernel hasn't been
configured with the same settings?

-jc "It worked for me[tm]"
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