[OT]: Assassination of dutch politician...

R. Bosch remy.bosch at hccnet.nl
Mon May 6 16:09:03 PDT 2002

Just what we need... More killing... He did NOT deserved this and therefor 
R.I.P. Pim...

Before the guilt is laid on the the currenty parlement, remember that people 
are resposible for theyr own actions. Not someone else! I did hear that Pim 
said that the other ministers where creating an "hate" environment, but that 
is not an excuse to go out on a limb. Sure even I had the initial feeling to 
go and find the person who did this an rip his guts out, and spraying salt 
and pepper all over him... But it is not the way!! This way where worse than 
the killer! Al we (Dutch people) can do is sit tight and be strong! Don't let 
them in your head! That's presicly what they want!

Honestly I wasn't planning to vote on him... But this..... No word's... just 
NO MORE!! I know it's invain, but it's beginning to be more like an 
expression than an statment :.-(

Sometimes I hate the world as a whole... This just sucks!!!

My condolances....

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