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Mon May 6 16:26:28 PDT 2002

(from G-News, world news whenever I feel like it)

Shortly after 6pm, local time, Pim Fortuyn, a new and highly successful
politician with very controversial (but also refreshing in some ways) points
of view, was shot dead as he left the studio after a radio interview, in
Hilversum, the media capital of the Netherlands.

Age 54, he was to be leading one of the four largest party and had a decent
chance at becoming the prime minister at the end of the may-15 elections. His
viewpoints made it difficult to place him in right or left wing, since he for
instance named Islam a backward culture for the position of women within the
faith, while also advocating an amnesty for all illegal immigrants who had
stayed in the Netherlands for over five years.

He had mentioned several times how he had received threats in various
interviews, and spoke of his determination not to back down in fear. Police
had earlier refused to offer him protection when alerted to the death
threats. His lawyer spoke of a complaint being prepared, without clarifying
if the charge would be made in court.

Mr Fortuyn received bullets in his head, neck and chest, presumably killing
him on the spot. He was evacuated to a hospital by helicopter after having
received CPR on the spot. Witnesses claim that he was being covered in a
shroud upon his arrival at the hospital, and a hearse arrived for him soon

Joao Varela, the second man on the list for the impromptu party (named 'Lijst
Pim Fortuyn') was heavily emotional, and named Mr Fortuyn his great
inspiration, and the sole motivation for him to enter politics. After making
these statements, he was overcome by grief and declined to make further

The leaders of the main political parties have all expressed horror, shock
and disgust over the violent death of their admittedly unwelcome competitor.
The Prime Minister, Wim Kok, spoke his dismay over this, the first time a
dutch candidate for government was assassinated. He further urged for calm as
he announced a special meeting of the demissionary government later this

Security has been raised dramatically around all government officials and
party leaders, although it seems inevitable that the may-15 elections
continue as scheduled to prevent a victory for attempts at violent disruption
of democracy.

Peter de Freitas

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