James Cozine jmcozine at
Mon May 6 12:29:34 PDT 2002

jrh29 at (Justin Hibbits) writes:

> hey guys,
> I'm betting SOMEBODY has used vesafb successfully before.  Basically, I've
> got it built into the kernel, I've got lilo.conf set up with 'vga=extended'
> in the main part, and 'append="video=vesafb:640x480"' in the image part.  is
> there something else I gotta do?

Well, I don't know how LILO should be set (I use GRUB myself), but I
only have `vga' set: vga=0x31A

Check the kernel docs (/usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt)

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