GPL-only LFS

jeffrey at jeffrey at
Sun May 5 20:06:38 PDT 2002


I was thinking that it would be cool to see a GNU/Linux system that used 
only GPLed software.

I have not seen a GNU/Linux system that does this, as it obviously would 
not have the X-Window System installed. I am considering trying to build 
such a beast on my own, using Linux From Scratch as a guide.

I would like to get an idea from the members of this list what such a 
beast would look like. Looking at the GNU site's list of GPLed software, 
such a system would be fairly complete. I am aware that OpenSSH, Perl, 
X-Window, and Sendmail, all common programs, could not be installed. I 
also am unaware of a GPLed vi clone.

Any thoughts of this senseless idea would be appreciated it.


Jeff Flowers
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