Fwd: Fwd: dietlibc achievement: a working system without glibc

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri May 3 01:13:09 PDT 2002


On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 04:22:02AM +0200, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Guess I can use that old 486/8MB RAM for file/http/ftp server after 
> all!! 
> Does it work with X or tinyX too? (Anybody try tinyX btw?)

It should.  I know there are quite a few fans of this idea on IRC that
have been talking about doing it, just for the sake of it, thou I don't
know anyone that has.

I've been a fan of the BusyBox/TinyLogin family and have been
considering switching GNU Glibc with uClibc, just to see how possible it
would be, i don't mean compiling everything static, like they seem to
have done, but actually just switching the libraries around and trying
to make as little modifications as possible on a normal LFS build.

I had taken a quick look to see how possible it is, and from what i can
tell, one could do this, the majority of standard GNU package's seem to
compile and run with uClibc both as static and dynamically linked, thou
I have heard a few problems with GNU GCC, etc.

Dunno, it would be interesting, that's for sure.. thou I have *much*
better things to work on then this ;))  (I keep telling myself that thou
*g* :)

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee  ( highos at linuxfromscratch dot org )
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