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Hi Gerard,
this one *might* be interesting for you and LFS. Please take a look.

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    Datum: 20 Apr 2002 16:39:36 +0200
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Antwort an: "Laurent G. Bercot" <ska-dietlibc at skarnet.org>
 Betreff: dietlibc achievement: a working system without glibc
      An: dietlibc at fefe.de

 Dear dietlibc users,

 I'm pleased to announce that the www.skarnet.org server is now working
under Linux (2.4.18) but without a glibc. From the moment the power switch
is pressed, through the whole system initialization and when the services
are up and running, no glibc is ever loaded (nor any dynamic library,
nor any shell for that matter).

 The minimal memory footprint of the whole system, kernel excluded, is
2604 kB, including a 1 MB DNS cache. A reasonable estimate of the memory
footprint under very heavy load is 4 MB. Today, www.skarnet.org is a big
and powerful machine with 384 MB RAM ; a 8 MB embedded system would
perform the same job as well.

 The running services are :
 - a sysklogd equivalent (ucspilogd)
 - a crontab equivalent (some trivial scripts, I might try runwhen
 - a DNS cache (dnscache)
 - a DNS server with automatic replication (tinydns + axfr-get + scripts)
 - an ssh server (tcpserver + openssh) (add roughly 1 MB for every sshd
instance and another one for the zsh shell)
 - a web server (skahttpd)
 - an ftp server (publicfile's ftpd)
 - a mail server featuring SMTP, QMTP, and mailing-list management
(qmail + ezmlm-idx)
 - a POP3 server featuring virtual domains storage (vpopmail)
(add roughly 700 kB for the SSL version, sslserver)
 - an asynchronous DNS resolver (skadnsd)

 This was achieved thanks to the dietlibc, to the embutils, and to other
good software (mainly djbisms, as you can see). Not only are the programs
small, but they are efficient, easy to configure, easy to maintain, and
(I believe) quite secure.

 Feel free to quote this message to anyone pretending that there are no
real world alternatives to GNU, main distributions, and mainstream software.


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Gerard Beekmans

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