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Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jun 28 22:45:33 PDT 2002


On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 09:29:06PM +0000, R. Bosch wrote:
> Recently I read about the ibook with all it's splender in Linuxmag (Dutch). 
> They wrote that the whole thing was runnning on darwin - a version of 
> freeBSD. Since I already was drooling over that thing becuz of the long 
> battery life (4 instaid of 1.5 hours), the possebillity to run Linux on it 
> (yellodog) and the fact that the thing just looks great, I began wondering...
> On http://www.linux-laptop.net there are links to ibook2 stating it was 
> possible without much trouble. I also checked with openoffice if the platform 
> of choice is supported.. And yes... LinuxPPC and Yellodog. MacOS-X is still 
> under development...

Heh *also drools*

> Although I have a laptop, I'm looking in the direction of a new one (faster) 
> with better battery life. 1.5+ hours is not really long. And to be honest 
> P166mmx is not that usable with openoffice, even with 80MB Ram. This and the 
> wish to use it for school/home makes it come short in comparisant to Apple...

Ouch =/  You just made me appreciate my Thinkpad A20p alot more ;)

> Are there ibook users on the list, Who tried getting Linux on it, or even LFS? 
> As if so, is it woth it? Not that it will be very different(I know that 
> much), but more in terms of usebillity.

Well, it doens't look like anyone responded to this, so I guess we don't
have ppl running it on the list.

However, I do know at least Garrett (dude that did the lfs banner/logo)
and Tigert are running TiBooks, and from what i've heard in other
places, it does work allright, so.. booya =)

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