the stupidest spam yet!

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Fri Jun 28 17:40:51 PDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-06-29 at 00:53, Rob 'Feztaa' Park wrote:

> How does the Hong Kong post office know what the hell is in the mails
> they send out?

That's a good question.  I don't know the answer, but since they did say
it was an "estimate" I guess the scam letters are all stuffed into
exactly the same sort of envelope with the same return addresses or
something like that.  Then it would be fairly easy to identify them
after a few people complain to the post office.  

I'm pretty sure they don't open them.  The Hong Kong post office is a
marvel of efficiency (no sarcasm) and they're pretty easy to get along
with, too.  Parcels sent to Canada almost always get opened in Canadian
Customs but coming the other way I think you could mail an atom bomb
with a 50% chance of it getting through uninspected.  They have probably
got a bit more nosy since all those anthrax packages last year but it's
still pretty casual.  The only adverse effect they seem to have suffered
after the communist takeover is that they went and painted all the mail
boxes a truly ugly shade of green.

The Nigerian scam estimate came out several years ago.  Nowadays the con
men seem to have moved on to e-mail and fax, so maybe the percentage
isn't as high any more.

Steve Bougerolle
Creek & Cowley Consulting

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