How many people actually use the newsgroups?

Oliver Brakmann obrakmann at
Wed Jun 26 02:25:13 PDT 2002


Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote...
> I'm just really curios to know.  I see quite a few people using it on
> shadowfax and am just looking for someone to pat me on the head and say
> "good job, hang in there, we like to use it!",

Way to go, Jesse!

For me, reading high volume lists is far more comfortable with newsgroups
than it is with mailings lists (though mutt has great support for them).
Just think of scoring, filtering and automatic expiration of messages.
The expiration part is probably the best thing about it: with the
mailing lists, I probably could't decide which threads to keep and which
to delete ;-)

And you don't get those annoying ML-subscription pointers in your .sig ;-)
BTW: an easy way to tell who uses the ngs and who uses the mls...

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