How many people actually use the newsgroups?

Björn Lindberg at
Tue Jun 25 15:41:08 PDT 2002

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote:
> Yo,
> I'm just really curios to know.  I see quite a few people using it on
> shadowfax and am just looking for someone to pat me on the head and say
> "good job, hang in there, we like to use it!",
> Because I have to agree with Gerard.. the setup we are running right now
> is a major PITA and i'm having to restart and tweak with it every few
> days as it keep's borking.  I usually leave this up to Gerard, but ppl
> have been coming on IRC reporting it and such ;)
> Anyways.. if you use the NNTP server on shadowfax and appreciate it,
> please respond to this thread and let me know, if there's enough people
> perhaps i'll take a closer look at what exactly is causing all these
> problems and fix it properly for once...

I'm using the newsgroups and I couldn't live without them! Thank you oh
great and wise one, for giving to us this blessing! :-)

Seriously, I can't keep up with the mailing-list volume, but still likes
to follow some of the lists. The newsgroup arrangement makes it possible
for me to read as much as I have time to. I actually had unsubscribed
earlier, and the newsgroups made it possible for me to take part in the
LFS community again.

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