Lol @ old garbage

James Iwanek chthon at
Tue Jun 25 14:53:01 PDT 2002

Tony Karakashian wrote:

>>> I must apologize for my implied hostility, it wasn't directed toward
>>> anybody on the list, it's just frustrating.
> No problem, I feel your pain. :)  I know when I came here, I didn't
> realize what a herculean task I had before me.  The previous admin
> thought it was necessary to reboot the NT servers every night, so
> I'd come in some mornings to machines that hadn't booted for some
> reason or another (usually the keyboard was left lying next to
> the server rack by my tech who was eventually banned from the
> server room), etc.  That was the easy part of my job. :)  The 6 routers
> they felt necessary to pass data between the two buildings here (there's
> only one fiber joining them) is beyond my level of comprehending the
> stupid, but, hey...
>>> Well, that's enough ranting from me for a long while, I guess I just
>>> needed a sounding board... If we don't get this phase finished soon, I
>>> can see a lot more therapy in my future. ;)
> That's what we're hear for. :)
> -T

hey um - i do some small time amature psycology.... the doctor will see you 
now ;-)


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