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Jason Lott jason.lott at
Tue Jun 25 13:39:04 PDT 2002

At 01:39 PM 6/25/02, you wrote:
> >> the vain attempt to save all work and close all applications, before 
> rebooting
> >> from your wonderful BSOD. I really wish I was at home right now, I can 
> send
> >> email from there and it I don't have worry about my machine crashing 
> in the
> >> middle of a sentence.
>Gee, if only all that anger was directed at the right people (your IS 
>for not fixing your problems).  That is, if you've actually TOLD them of your
>problems.  I love getting calls from users complaining "my machine has crashed
>10 times a day for the last month!".  "Did you bother to call anyone?"  "No".

I must apologize for my implied hostility, it wasn't directed toward 
anybody on the
list, it's just frustrating.

Anyway, Their a bunch of nimrods (no offense to all of the legitimate IT/IS 
out there). There was this one time when they passed out boot floppies, told
everyone to insert the floppy when they left, but not to shutdown/reboot. 
They were
going to do remote upgrades on every PC in the house. So whoever made the
distributed floppies didn't configure them for remote upgrades, but rather 
re-imaging of the drives. Every PC in the house, from the lowly 
staff/security to the
president/CEO had brand new installs, with absolutely nothing of any use. 
To make
things worse, they only did a 'preferences' backup, and not full data 
backups of
everything. I'm almost positive that I could hear the CEO yelling from my house
(43 miles away), and we needed umbrellas to protect ourselves from the heads
that were being thrown from his 18th floor window!!! ;)

The cause of the problem isn't really M$'s fault (I just don't like the 
fact that BSOD
requires a reboot), it's the security software that the contractor 
fervently demands
be used for the duration of the project. It makes backups to external devices
useless, it blocks remote administration, various 'keys' forbid the
viewing/upgrading/changing of files from outside of the secured of 
only a registered user, without any administrator rights is allowed to at 
least view
the entire filesystem unencrypted, though they can only change/modify the
files associated with the project... It's a pain in the backside for both 
the users,
and the IS department, they have 74 machines and 2 servers that they are
absolutely forbidden to touch.

I'm not bitter ;)

Well, that's enough ranting from me for a long while, I guess I just needed a
sounding board... If we don't get this phase finished soon, I can see a lot 
therapy in my future. ;)


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