Lol @ old garbage

James Iwanek chthon at
Mon Jun 24 19:38:38 PDT 2002

Rob 'Feztaa' Park wrote:

> I was just cleaning my room today, I found some CD's lent to me by a
> friend ages ago (one who has since moved far, far away). They are
> beta-testing CD's, straight from Microsoft TechNet, which contain beta
> versions of:
> Windows 2000 Advanced Server RC2 (October 1999)
> Office 2000 RC1 (3 CDs) (May 1999)
> Windows 2000 Professional RC2 (October 1999)
> Although I think they have been rigged to stop working after a certain
> date which was a long time ago, it could be fun to see what was on the
> CD. I'd be more than happy to make images of the disks and send them to
> people ;)
 i wouldnt offer to distrobute them: after all we might have one of bill 
gates evil lackies here who might report you! MWAHAHAHA

^Jay^ - (sad attempt at horns)

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