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R. Bosch remy.bosch at hccnet.nl
Sat Jun 22 14:29:06 PDT 2002


Recently I read about the ibook with all it's splender in Linuxmag (Dutch). 
They wrote that the whole thing was runnning on darwin - a version of 
freeBSD. Since I already was drooling over that thing becuz of the long 
battery life (4 instaid of 1.5 hours), the possebillity to run Linux on it 
(yellodog) and the fact that the thing just looks great, I began wondering...
On http://www.linux-laptop.net there are links to ibook2 stating it was 
possible without much trouble. I also checked with openoffice if the platform 
of choice is supported.. And yes... LinuxPPC and Yellodog. MacOS-X is still 
under development...

Although I have a laptop, I'm looking in the direction of a new one (faster) 
with better battery life. 1.5+ hours is not really long. And to be honest 
P166mmx is not that usable with openoffice, even with 80MB Ram. This and the 
wish to use it for school/home makes it come short in comparisant to Apple...

Are there ibook users on the list, Who tried getting Linux on it, or even LFS? 
As if so, is it woth it? Not that it will be very different(I know that 
much), but more in terms of usebillity.

Thank for your insights!! :-)


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