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> Alas! Joost Molenaar spake thus:
> > > Words inspire you to take up those arms and defend you rights. And
> > > Gandhi did it with words and without arms. Is there any example of the
> > > reverse?
> >
> > Yes. Here in Holland, on the 6th of May 2002 somebody MURDERED the
> > who was going to be elected straight to presidency on the 15th of May.
> Ok, but were the results of his actions positive?

No. People hate him. He's in jail now. Somebody's gonna kill him when he
gets out.
He prevented Pim Fortuyn from becoming president. He prevented democracy
from taking
its course. That's all very negative. He should have voted, protested,
written letters,
found his own political party or sue the government or a politician.
Whatever. Guns are
not for civilized societies. Any hippi can tell you that. He should have
done it like
Ghandi. But then again, Ghandi got killed.

W/ kind greetings, Joost

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